Thursday, June 18, 2009

EFY it was amazing

I spent a week in Provo for EFY at BYU it was so much fun! i met so many cool new people that i know we'll all be friends with each other again. we all came from different places but we had so much fun together! =} i have alot of pictures to show lets hope it works haha.

This pic is of our whole group. our company name was UNTIL THE END! we had so many fun chants and cheers to go with our name. it was perfect! and we all had so much fun.
this picture was right after the sweaty dance, the rain, and all of the crying we had been doing with the medley and our last devotional.

This is our "little" group, of just
Melinda's girls.
we had so such an amazing time.

Sam, Kenzi, and me.
Me and Kenzi. Kenzi is so pretty! and she has like one of the most amazing personalities. She is so much fun! She lives in Texas (my future home). like only 45min. from where my sister and her family lives! shes so sweet!

This is me, tanner, and part of sam but the camera was too close lol. Tanner was our male group councelor. He was so much fun! honestly he was just like us kids haha. well all of our councelors were for the most part. haha but tanner was the for sure. haha i love him!!!

This would be me and Caleb. He was so funny!! he could do like these wierd scary laughing impersination things. haha. he was awesome! everytime he escorted me to our next activity i'd learn something crazy and new about him! haha he's so awesome! i miss seein him everyday!

This is me and Karma. I love her name! its so gorgeous just like her. She was our other girls group councelor she was just as cool as our other councelors. Maybe not quite as outgoing and crazy like the others but she still was so much fun! she was like one of our dancing buddies. she encouraged us alot of the time haha. she was like our mama. mama karma i loves you!!

This is me and Caleb Hoyt. he is such an amazing guy! he was the one who escorted and slow danced with me the most! he is the sweetest guy you will ever meet! i found out alot about him and some of his crazy adventures that he told me about. he is a friend i will keep forver! i love his laugh too! love ya caleb!!

Me and Rachel. She is so freakin pretty! she has the most gorgeous hair and smile! shes so chill too. she has like the whole tomboy vibe going on. shes so much fun! she was my map coloring buddy too (there will be a picture of that later)

Me and Sam. Wow he is such a stud! and super tall. When he asked me to slow dance i was so excited! but my arm got so tired like in the middle of the song cause he is so tall! haha. but we talked so much while dancing it wasn't like that awquard silence while talking he was just so much fun! hes one of the b town boys! whoo ya! i was so shocked to know he is only 15 and going to be a sophmore. i thought he was my grade lol. (most of the kids in our group were just going to be a junior haha its crazy) hes a very cute kid!

Me and Danny. He is a mad yo-yo player. he has freakin amazing skills with a yo-yo. it sucked how he couldn't be in the talent show! cause he freakin rocked. he always walked around with his yo-yo case, full of so many different and high tech types of yo-yo's. haha funny when braedon like broke one haha. whooo fixed it before danny knew though haha dont worry. haha love ya kid.

me and brandon. He is so cute haha. he made me laugh alot. He was the first one to ask me to be escorted. and i came to relize that he reminds me alot of my ex chase lol. like alot. haha but hes much nicer and cooler ;} haha. he always had to do that "gun" thing with his hands in the pictures. lol silly kid!

This is me and Seth! okay so seth is the most sweetest guy i have EVER met! he gives compliments like there is no tomorrow! he loves to make sure everyone feels great about them selves. everytime i walked by or something he would say he liked my outfit or my hair or i looked beautiful or i had a beatuiful name etc... he is so sweet! im going to miss him so so much! love you seth!!!
This picture would be me then seths butt and then sam.
haha i love this picture it makes me giggle!!!

This is me and Shay. She was one of our 5 roomates in our apartment. She is so pretty! and so funny! she has great style too! SUPPERRRR SHAYYYYYY!!!!!! haha love it!

This is me and Shauntae. or however you spell it. lol she was so sweet. she wasn't always the loudest but she didn't need to be cause everyone could tell she was so much fun! she is so pretty! and had all the prettiest styles! she was so sweet and hugged me when i cried at the medely. shes such a sweet/ fun girl!!!

Me and Kirsten. okay so wow. as you can tell she is such a goof!
she is so sweet! if she sees anyone who is out kinda by themselves she will go and cheer them up like none other! also if she see's anyone taking a picture she will hop behind them and pull of the funniest face ever lol. she was another one of the 5 people in our little appartment. her and shay shared a room while me, sam and kim shared another room =} it was so much fun!!! i love her!!

These are the boys of our UNTIL THE END group! haha they are the studliest group of guys you will ever meet! the most sweetest guys that always open the door for you, escort you, dance with you and everything! they are the most amazing guys ever!
i love them all!!!!

This would be our coloring group (minus derek and ariel oh and brandon) lol it was so much fun! haha we colored like those little roads and houses things that little kids drive little cars on it haha. it was our service activitiy! it was so much fun!! haha and very hot and crowded lol.

This is kirsten, seth, and tanner. oh my gosh this picture is classic! haha so i took a picture of them doing like this serious face with seths camera and so i wanted a copy on my camera so they got in position and well they couldn't hold it so they all just started busting up laughing haha. it was so funny and so long lol... i never got the right picture but i think i got an even better one :)

Me and sam. hahaha okay so sad thing. we lived in the riv. where it was like i swear a mile away from like everything and we had to walk everwhere all the time. even in the soaking, pouring down rain. we got wet so may times and it sucked so bad but yet it was like wow this is not happening. haha it was so crazy!! we were so drenched. we looked like we hopped in a shower with all our clothes on haha. it was interesting but fun too. just it sucked when your legs had rashes too bleh! haha but still fun lol

i loved efy so much im so glad i was able to go it was such a great experience for me. it taught me alot. i met amazing people who will always be in my life. and that i love very much! i'll miss them!! love you guys!!!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

this would be my baby!
hehe i love it so freakin much!
haha i didn't even expect that i was getting it!
except for the day of a wee little tiny bit just cause all of a sudden my mom was pushing on car types all day. and she never did that but as soon as the party started i had forgotten all about that. so i had like no clue! it was an amazing surprise! i loved it!

this is one of my favorties songs! its if you were mine by matt lysgaard


okay.... so hmmm its been like uhm forever since i've updated and my sister is going to kill me haha. oh well least im doing it now right? hahaha.
well i have turned 16 its been a few months now. and i love my car still even though its getting kind of dinged up like uhm on the brakes, tired, and front bumper. lol other then that its perfect!! haha. i'll post some pics pretty quick.
hmm well since i've last updated my sister has had a birthday, my brother in-law, my niece spencer, and ireland have had their birthday and my nephew kaston has had is also! so i've been behind with the blogging. i need to catch up. when i have a good solid like uhm 7 hours to just sit and blog i so will! haha. anyways.
thanksgiving is coming up and im excited cause that means that its almost christmas so i get to go down to my real home! haha aka texas. lol its waiting for me along with my family! haha.
i seriously cant wait to move there!! i wish it was like this week! haha even though after i would really regret not finishing my highschool year here. lol. so another year.... im counting the days! haha
anyways. school is already almost half way over! finished a term and on to the second half of the next term! its so crazy its going by so fast its like unbelievable. anywho.... as far as my friends go... im still friends with pretty much all i said below but theres a few adjustments. but once again i'll update a whole lot when i have time. right now i have to get my grades up...and PRONTO!!! and as far as boys....well i have a few that i have in my mind lol but other then that...boys still have cooties i guess haha :} they are lame sometimes i'll tell you that.
anyways.... well i think this is alot and enough for right now. haha.
i'll update soooon!!
oh and p.s.
a drop in the ocean by ron pope
if you were mine by matt lysgaard

very good singers! i love them!! ahhhhh!!!
haha anyways.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


OK so i'm already sick of school!
its only been like half of a term!
i have so much homework, and
exams and just bleh!
i am done with high school!
i want to move and go to college in texas already!
i thought i'd update cause i havn't in like
so now i'm 16!!
there will be pictures up shortly!
and then another blog for my sister
whos birthday it just was
(sept. 18th)
and then another one for the birthday of my niece
(sept. 25th)
so i need to get crackin!
haha anyways
im bored on the comp with my friend tyler
doing nothing lol.
i'll talk to ya later!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

junior...eeek =S

K so i just started my junior year (11th grade)
and well i've already gotten yelled at by an evil
teacher that everyone felt sorry for me as soon as
they heard her name come out of my mouth!
yeah...first day of school and she yells at me!!
i was only about 10 minutes late hehehe.
but trust me...never again!
she is evil! i swear! haha
her name is mrs. neeher (nay-err)
a little old woman that you think would be so sweet.
haha anyways.
heres the classes i'm taking this first semester: literacy
a2.child care 1♥
a4.english eww(mrs. neeher)

b2.algebra 2
b3.medical anatomy physiology♥

k so financial literacy is an ok class its going to be really boring but the teacher is pretty chill.
he is like OBSESSED with wrestling though...but its ok cause me and my friend ashlee want to talk to him about us being the manager for the team =} it would be so much fun!
now...child care 1 is awesome! i love it so much (least of what i have heard and had of it) haha. we take care of little kids sometimes in our pre school that we have at our school. the wierd thing though. is that we basicly can't touch the children at all...unless they get hurt and we have to take them in for like a bandaid or something.
but like we can't even like tickel them or anything! and no pictures of them. =( oh well i'm just excited we can at least learn about running like a preschool and such! since i want to be a teacher when i grow up! =}
k now its history... the teacher.....sexist...against girls. least thats what EVERYONE says!! but as soon as i walked in the door the first day... i heard my name being callled like in every direction! it was hectic!! but surprisingly tyler, tommy, and sam all saved me one seat right by them cause i'm all their i just told my other friend to come sit behind me(cause she was saving me a spot too!) lol its gonna be fun but i hope the teacher doesnt yell at us! haha.
now english... enough said...hate the class. but i wrote pretty good sentences for our homework (yeah can you believe it homework on the first day of school! gah high school is rough lol) so i'm not going to transfer if i get what i'm doing in there lol. i dont really have too many friends in that class but justin so i'll just chill with him. so that was all only A day! haha
now B day...
choir...very very very annoying!!! the class is field with a bunch of little sophmore girls that wont shut up!! the class is soo full i feel so like trapped!! oh well i love mrs. warby though and i love the songs were singing this year!! ( you cant hurry love, and one fine day)
so at least i can just focus on singing those fun songs and then also practicing for my solo at the end of the year!! that i'm so nervous about now! haha... oh well
k math was always just a few people in there. always me holton taylor and jess and ciera talking like all the time oh and victor...but this year its different...
the WHOLE class is filled up! its so cramped!! it was never like this last of my friends tyler is in there but we havn't really talked so much cause she got mad at me for becoming best friends with tyler montague who they hate eachother but oooh well! but i also sit by sadie who is a good friend sorta lol. we talk haha and then the kid in front of her is sweet and very funny and very very tall!!
but get this... this new kid named jordon just transfered to our school and is now living with his mom...but he moved from....TEXAS!!! it was soo cool when he said it (not only cause my sister and her family live ther but his voice is one of the LOWEST voices i have ever heard in my life!!! its crazy!!) but not only in texas does he live... he lives in McKenny!! i was like oooh emmm gee!!! haha small world!!
hes a cute kid! =}
k now...medical anatomy physiology. that class is going to be really really tough. but hopefully i can do it! its so cool! we sit there in a darker room the whole time...and watch a screen cause our teacher is the main teacher at mountain ridge high school so he wires us all together there are like 4 high schools that are donig the class and being taught at the same time! its so crazy!! and we have microphones so we can answere and talk back and all that fun jazz! and we get to see our selves on the screen like the whole time haha...i kept checking my hair and outfit haha...anyways... im pretty excited about the class. just because of the class i might join HOSA which is like an extra caricular activity for kids and we help with the blood drive and all that fun stuff haha. (i might also join the FFA my friend shar wants me to do it with her. so i just sister was president of it and had a blast! lol) so i think this junior year is going to be a blast! haha
k now spanish... its ok i guess..really small class witch is PERFECT for me...
and half of them i already had last year in my spanish class...the teacher is a little bit strange...but you know...oh well haha.
k soo thats ALL my classes this semester...
its alot!!
and i hope i can keep up with it all!
haha wish me luck!!